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Trail Design Specialists

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.

We are Jan and Mike Riter, and we have enjoyed hiking, biking, and camping in the outdoors for many years. Some time ago we realized that all trail users owe a responsibility to give something back. We started as volunteers on local trail projects and learned from some of the best. In 1997 the International Mountain Bicycling Association hired us to start their Trail Care Crew program. The program involved sending a crew of qualified trail professionals around North America and Europe teaching others responsible trail construction and maintenance on multi use trail systems. In response to several land agency requests to do private design and consulting work we formed Trail Design Specialists in 1999.

We still enjoy the outdoors and have influenced improvements on thousands of trails worldwide. Because of our commitment to create sustainable trails we have developed several new techniques for design and maintenance and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.

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